Live Stream Member FAQs

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Who is membership for?

Live Stream Membership is for everyone who doesn't attend a local church in person, but instead attends the Cottage Hill Church via live stream.

Why should I become a member?

Membership provides a way for you to connect with your church, and a way for your church to connect with you. It lets us know who you are and it lets us know that you’re a part of our church. It lets us know how to contact you in the event that we have an important announcement to share with you. The member portal will enable you to share prayer requests and other communication directly with our church staff.

What does Cottage Hill Church do with my information?

The Cottage Hill Church may occasionally use your information to contact you if we have an announcement that we think may be important to you, or to mail you a greeting or gift. We won’t share your contact information with the general church family without your consent (see Registration Help). Our only motive for live stream membership is to provide a strong church family that you can depend on to encourage your faith, pray for your needs, share your burdens, and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Because of this, we will never contact you to ask for donations or to solicit religious programs.