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2024-04-14 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-03-31 Redeeming Love Cottage Hill Choir
2024-03-24 Revival Service - Sunday Morning Rev. Barry Whitaker
2024-03-24 Revival Service - Sunday Evening Rev. Barry Whitaker
2024-03-23 Revival Service Rev. Barry Whitaker
2024-03-22 Revival Service Rev. Barry Whitaker
2024-03-17 What Do You Love? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-03-10 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2024-02-25 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-02-18 Have You Heard? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-02-11 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2024-02-04 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-01-28 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2024-01-21 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-01-14 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2024-01-14 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-12-31 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-12-24 Meet Him At The Manger Cottage Hill Choir
2023-12-17 Who Is Jesus To You? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-12-10 The Sounds Of His Love AWC Choir
2023-12-03 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-11-26 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-11-19 We Are Renters Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-11-12 In the Name of the Lord Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-11-05 The Irresistible God Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-10-22 Day One Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-10-15 Real Joy Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-10-08 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-10-01 Revival Service, Sunday Morning Rev. Paul Stetler
2023-10-01 Revival Service, Sunday Evening Rev. Paul Stetler
2023-09-30 Revival Service, Saturday Evening Rev. Paul Stetler
2023-09-29 Revival Service, Friday Evening Rev. Paul Stetler
2023-09-24 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-09-17 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-09-10 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-09-03 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-08-27 Godly Living Through Faith Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-08-20 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-08-13 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-07-30 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-07-23 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-07-09 Northwest Indian Bible School Rev. Daniel Hardy
2023-07-02 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-06-25 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-06-18 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-06-11 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-06-04 Satan the Destroyer Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-05-28 Pentecost Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-05-21 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-05-14 Mother's Day Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-05-07 Obituary Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-04-30 Revival Service - Sunday Morning Rev. Harry Plank
2023-04-30 Revival Service - Sunday Evening Rev. Harry Plank
2023-04-29 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2023-04-28 What does the Potter See? Rev. Harry Plank
2023-04-23 What is a Christian?
2023-04-16 These Shaken Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-04-09 Easter Sunday Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-04-02 Good Religion Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-03-26 Does God Need Anything? Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-03-19 Jesus Won't Fail You Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-03-12 Rev. Perry Case
2023-03-05 Hope Rev. Perry Case
2023-02-26 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-02-19 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-02-18 Ron Diller & Dawn Sauder Wedding Ceremony
2023-02-12 God Answers Prayer Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-02-05 God Saw Good Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-01-29 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-01-22 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-01-15 They Made Excuses Rev. D.R. Clyde
2023-01-08 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2023-01-01 Jesus the True Vine Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-12-25 Promise of Peace Christmas Program
2022-12-18 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-12-11 The King Allegheny Wesleyan College
2022-12-04 Sin No More Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-11-27 The Family of Faith Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-11-20 Fall Revival - Sunday Morning Rev. Daniel Stetler
2022-11-20 Fall Revival - Sunday Evening Rev. Daniel Stetler
2022-11-19 Fall Revival - Ruth Rev. Daniel Stetler
2022-11-18 Fall Revival - Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Rev. Daniel Stetler
2022-11-13 A More Excellent Way Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-11-06 Path to Blessings Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-10-30 Woe Unto Thee Chorazin Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-10-23 Grace Did Much More Abound Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-10-16 Ten Foolish Virgins Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-10-02 The Hard Pathway Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-09-25 He Is, and He Is Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-09-18 Can You Hear? Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-09-11 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-09-04 I Don't Know You Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-08-28 The Idle Mind Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-08-21 God Does What He Pleases Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-08-14 Thoughts From II Corinthians 10 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-07-31 Do You Cause Others to Sin? Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-07-24 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-07-10 Time To Do Nothing Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-07-03 Vacation Bible School
2022-06-26 The Straight and Narrow Way Of Faith Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-06-05 Let Us Not be Weary Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-05-29 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-05-22 The Prayer of the Upright is His Delight Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-05-15 Real Faith Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-05-08 Mother's Day Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-05-01 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-04-24 Righteousness and Peace have Kissed Paul Stetler
2022-04-24 Faith - Evening Service Paul Stetler
2022-04-23 Pain Paul Stetler
2022-04-22 Clean Hands Paul Stetler
2022-04-17 I'm not Dead. I'm not Done. Rev. Clyde
2022-04-10 Shallow Religion Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-04-03 Naaman Became a Yes Man Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-03-27 Lazarus Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-03-20 Mortgage Burning Rev. David Blowers
2022-03-13 For the Glory of God Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-03-06 What If? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-02-27 Northwest Indian Bible School Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-02-20 There Is a River Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-02-13 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-02-06 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-01-30 Two Appointments Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2022-01-23 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2022-01-02 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-12-26 God Called Moses Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-12-19 The Love of God at Christmas Cottage Hill Church Choir
2021-12-12 Behold This Child Allegheny Wesleyan College
2021-12-05 The Prince of Peace Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-11-28 Open Doors Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-11-21 How Strong is Your Religion? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-11-14 The Good Samaritan Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-11-07 Why am I Discouraged Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-10-31 When Man Becomes god Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-10-24 In Peace, Without Spot, and Blameless Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-10-17 Lost Things Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-10-10 Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-10 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-09 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-08 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-07 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-06 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-05 Revival Service Rev. Harry Plank
2021-10-03 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-09-26 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-09-19 The Little Boy's Lunch Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-09-12 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-09-05 Whose Side Are You On? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-08-29 Prayer that Flows Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-08-22 Rev. Terrence Tiberio
2021-08-15 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-08-01 Love & Worship Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-07-11 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-07-04 Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-06-27 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-06-20 Good Fathers Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-06-13 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-06-06 Trust In the Lord Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-05-30 The Sheep Fold Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-05-23 The Deceitful Heart Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-05-16 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-05-09 Mother's Day Rev. David Blowers
2021-05-02 Look Into Your Eye Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-04-25 If, Not When Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-04-18 Where Are the Other Nine? Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-04-17 Hobe Sound Bible College Chapel Choir
2021-04-11 Shall He Find Faith? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-04-04 The Kingdom of Heaven Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-03-28 How did He do it? Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-03-14 Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-03-07 O taste and see that the Lord is good Rev. Aaron Booth
2021-02-28 The Death of Uriah Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-02-21 The 23rd Psalm Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-02-14 The Way Of a Man With a Maid Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-02-07 Get Up and Go! Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-01-24 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2021-01-17 Don't Live On An Island Rev. D.R. Clyde
2021-01-10 Repentance - Peter's answer to the question "What Shall We Do?" Rev. Gabriel Clyde
2020-12-27 Humility Rev. D.R. Clyde
2020-12-13 Sin Causes Hostility Rev. D.R. Clyde